Monday, September 24, 2012

Smart Habits for Freshmen #1 Know Your School

To help freshmen get off on the right foot, counselors will be sharing some "tips" that can be a big help if they are followed.  Today's tip is "Know Your School".

Be sure you know the school calendar AND make yourself aware of some of the important dates.  For example, When does the Trimester end?  When are trimester exams?  When can you request a schedule change?  You can find many of these dates on the guidance website:  Once you find out the important dates, it may be a good idea to write them into your agenda.

Make sure you are familiar with the attendance and tardy policies.  Check out page 25-26 of your agenda for specific information.  If you are going to be absent, be sure to request homework and have someone pick it up so that you don't fall too far behind.  If you have a health problem or extended illness have a parent contact the attendance office to explain the situation and arrange to have books and other materials sent home on a regular basis.  The best plan of action, if possible, is to be in school everyday!

Know the school rules and code of conduct.  When can or can't you use your cell phone?  What is the appropriate length of shorts?  What constitutes plagiarism?  All of the rules are in place to help maintain  a safe and productive environment for everyone.  All you need to know can be found in the student handbook section of your agenda.  Be sure to make yourself familiar with these rules.

If you want to play a sport be sure you know the rules for athletic eligibility.  You can check out your student handbook to find out things you need to know such as:  what happens if your GPA falls below a 1.5?  What if you fail one class?  What happens to your eligibility if you drop a class?  

Know what resources are available.  Many people in the school are available to help you with a problem.  Your teachers are your best resource if you are struggling in a class.  The principals can help if you are having a conflict with another student.  And each student is assigned a guidance counselor to help you with academic planning, future planning and personal problems.    Mrs. Gabes is the counselor for students with last names A-L, and Mrs. Carmean is the counselor for students with last names M-Z.  To schedule an appointment with your counselor you may come to the guidance office. 

Above all, don't be afraid to ASK if you don't know something, or if you need help.  There is always someone who can find an answer, or guide you in the right direction.