Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Smart Habits of Freshmen #3: Know how to get Good Grades

If you came to school everyday and make the most of your class time, you should be able to get good grades.  The following are tips from CHS Seniors that can help you do your best in classes:

  • Be Organized:  Use your agenda to keep track of your assignments.  Have a separate folder for each of your classes.  Keep your notebooks and locker neat and free of clutter so you can easily locate the things you need.
  • Manage your time:  If your teacher gives you time in class to start homework, USE IT!  Set aside a time and place each day to do your homework and study.  Break large assignments into smaller chunks.  Don't wait until the last minute to start big assignments and projects.
  • Be Successful in the Classroom: Be in class everyday and arrive on time!  Bring all of your materials to class.  Always do your homework.  Be an active learner:  participate in class discussions, interact with classmates and teacher, ask questions when you do not understand.  Pay attention to what is going on!  Don't zone out!!
  • Use Test-Taking Strategies:  Be ready for all tests by studying ahead of time!  Be sure to LISTEN to all directions given by your teacher before the start of the test.  Look over the entire test and develop a plan.  Mark questions you want to return to.  Use all of the time available to check or revise your answers.
  • Use Available Resources:   Take advantage of the study sessions offered every afternoon, and on Thursday evenings.  ASK your teacher questions if you do not understand.  Schedule a time to meet with your teacher if you need extra help.  Most teachers are willing to help you before or after school or during advisory period.