College Visit Information

Juniors and Seniors are permitted two college visitation days during the school year.  Students MUST fill out a college visit request form prior to the visitation day.  These forms are available in the guidance office.  Please note that no visitations may be taken during the last week of the semester unless there is a special circumstance.

Students are encouraged to make the most of the visitation day.  The following is a suggested checklist for a campus visitation:

Meet with an admission counselor: 
  • Find out about admission requirements:  Do you need a certain GPA or ACT score?  Is the ACT writing test required?  Are there different admission requirements for specific programs (ex: Pharmacy, Nursing or Music) ?  What may be your options if you don't get accepted into your first chioce of programs?
  •  Find out when & how to apply:  Should you apply online?  What is the application deadline?  Are there different deadlines for different programs?
Meet with a financial aid counselor:
  • Ask about the total cost of attending:  tuition, room & board, books, special program fees, etc?
  • Ask about opportunities for financial aid and scholarships:  Is there are separate application for financial aid? What is this school's deadline for submitting the FAFSA?  What sholarships are available?  What should you do to maximize your chances for scholarships?
Meet with faculty in the program of your intended major: 
  •  Ask about course offereings and academic requirements.
  • Attend a class if possible: Do you like the overall atmosphere?  What is the class size?  Does the overall teaching style appeal to you?
Inquire about other campus services & take a campus tour:
  • What career planning and placement services are available?
  • Is there academic assistance available?
  • What are the residence halls like?  Are freshman required to live in a residence hallAre there different floor plans available?  (Ask to see a typical freshman residence.)
  • What are the options for recreation.  Like it or not, your student will not be hitting the books 24/7.  What is there to do when studying is done?  Do most students stay around on the weekends?  What clubs or other student activities are available?
  • What is the food like?  Be sure to eat in the cafeteria to really get an idea of food options!
For more information check out ACT's  Career &College Planning resources at: