Although it seems we have just started the year, it is in fact time for seniors to begin planning for their future beyond Celina High School.  Counselors met with seniors on Tuesday & Wednesday Sept. 16 & 17 to share the following important information for seniors and parents:

I:  Applying to College:

  • Seniors are encouraged to start applying SOON.  As a guideline, plan to have applications submitted by Thanksgiving.  Be very careful of DEADLINES!  While some schools may accept applications in Feb. and even March, these same schools may have an earlier deadline for scholarship and financial aid consideration.  ALSO, some schools have early deadlines for specialized programs:  for example, the deadline to apply for the Pharmacy program at ONU is Nov. 1st.  Be sure to check the college website for these deadlines and plan accordingly!
  • You will need to complete your college application online and submit it either through "The Common Application" or directly to the college electronically.  You can begin this process by going to the college's website and finding the link for admission.  IF you run into problems or have any questions about this process you may contact the college admission office, or see your counselor. 
  • ALL colleges will require you to submit a transcript, and may also require that you download a "College Prep Form" or "Counselor Form"  to complete your application.  AFTER you have submitted your entire application, you will need to request that your transcript be sent from the guidance office.  You may do this by signing the Transcript Log in the guidance office.  IF your college requires an additional form for the counselor to complete you will need to bring this with you to the guidance office when you request your transcript.  Please allow 5 days for your transcript to be processed and sent.  Colleges will not accept transcripts sent by students or parents, they must come directly from the guidance office.
  • Most colleges will require that you submit an ACT or SAT score.  If you had these scores sent to CHS, the score will be included on your transcript.  However, MANY colleges will require that the score is received directly from the testing agency.  Check to see what is required by your schools.  To request your scores go to:  ACT:   SAT:
II:  Financial Aid:
  • Counselors will host a "Financial Aid Night" for parents of seniors on Monday, Dec. 7th at 6:30 p.m. in the lecture hall.  A college financial aid adviser will provide information about filing the FAFSA, and will highlight other options for financial aid.
  • Local scholarships will be available throughout the year.  Check the postings in the guidance office, listen to the daily announcements and check Remind 101 for more information about scholarships.
III:  Graduation Requirements:
  • Counselors are in the process of checking each and every senior's academic record to ensure that they are on track to graduate. Within the next two weeks parents should receive a letter stating what classes their students still needs in order to graduate, as well as a copy of their student's transcript.  If you have any questions about any of this information, please do not hesitate to contact your child's counselor.